Artist's statement:
Common objects found in the home and the suburb in which I live are my current focus of interest, as well as being strong inspirations for my photography.

I make stories with familiar objects and situations found in my two main playgrounds; inside and outside my home. Making pictures inside is associated with still life photography. I develop an initial idea, arrange objects and photograph them. This part of my process is very much controlled and allows for a contemplation of things I use on a day-to-day basis for household activities, including cutlery, food and other items.

My outside work is a personal document of Gunghalin, the place where I have been living for two years. I know all the local spaces that I have traversed countless times, but after spending time talking about photography and looking intently close to home, something was revealed to me in my local surroundings that I hadn’t seen before. I will soon be leaving Canberra to head back to Europe and I am content that I have focused my camera on this Canberra suburb, because I have gotten to know it while living here and as a place, it means something to me. In some small way, it has become a part of me.

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